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Join Me For The Ride!

Wow! I went to the orientation on February 1st and my desire to participate in this event was confirmed. Watching the video presentation was especially emotional. It showed a young woman who's sister passed away part way through the two day walk she was doing in her honour. Her sister had breast cancer The young woman, with the support of her family, completed the walk. There are many more stories out there. Some of them reamin untold, about the struggles of breast cancer.

My story...I am doing this for many reasons. The most important one is taking a bold step against breast cancer. I don't want to lose any women in my life to breast cancer. I, along with each participant, want to pave the way to find a cure for breast cancer. As of this week (Feb 21 - 27) I am into my third week of training. I have already walked a total of 65KM's and have many more to walk. I have already met some amazing women who are also walking in this event. I am truly blessed to be participating in this event!

The Weekend to End Breast Cancer is a two-day, 60-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Calgary, taking place August 12-14, 2005.

Proceeds benefit the Alberta Cancer Foundation supporting vital breast cancer research, breast screening programs, prevention initiatives and
patient care programs at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and cancer centres throughout Alberta.

One in every nine Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer sometime during their lifetime. Think about nine women in your life...Imagine one of them being diagnosed with breast cancer. PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY!